T Growth

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La Salle Technova's IoT Accelerator Program.

T Growth program is a dedicated accelerator for early-stage innovative IoT start-ups in the Catalan Ecosystem. Seeking the disruption by providing tailored support and aid on the business model development and connections with corporations. The program provides you with access to expert advice (coaches) and outstanding partners from the EIX investors network.


A four months program focused on preparing your IoT start-up to get market-ready and establish corporate relationships for future opportunities.

The course will provide you and your team with all the resources and knowledge needed to move from an early-stage startup into a ready to operate company with high projections to scale.


You will have modules each week with 2-3 sessions divided into Lectures, Workshops, and Key Note Speakers such as industry experts, start-up founders, investors, and researchers.


  1. Connect with IoT research experts

  2. Establish relations with corporates 

  3. Company ready to be invested

  4. Achieve a successful pilot

  5. Mid-term strategic roadmap

  6. Develop a realistic and ambitious go-to-market plan

  7. Structured team with clear roles

Participants' profile

  • IoT technology-based project

  • Technology at a minimum level of development (between TRL6 and TRL9)

  • Ambitious teams with an original and scalable business

  • At least one fully devoted person in the team

  • Incorporated company

Hard Facts


Duration: 4 months (Oct-Feb)

Implication: full-time

Kick-off Week: October 26th, 2020

Closing (Investors Pitch): February 15th, 2021

Corporate workshops

May 4th - June 26th

Assessment and support 

March 16th - May 1st

Demo Day

February 15th

How can I Apply?

You can apply to the program here:

Welcome Week

October 26th

Technical Workshops

May 4th - June 26th


  • All the participating teams (in order to get access to all the facilities) would have to get affiliated to Technova which means a cost of 100€/month per team*.

*The affiliation contract includes a minimum of 5 months commitment


Assessment and support

  • Customer discovery: Market validation

  • Venture development: Sales prototyping

  • Investment Readiness


Technical Workshops​

  • University specialists & researchers Workshops​

  • Face-to-face meetings between the founders and La Salle university research groups


Corporate Workshops​

  • Tailored meetings between corporates and startup managers.

About GRITS Research Group



This research group will allow participants leverage knowledge, practice and innovation in Industry 4.0. 

This research, structured in SPRINT 4.0 enable La Salle-URL to develop teaching skills for education and training in the field of Industry4.0 and to design and test specific and innovative coaching activities, to help students develop tests of viable concepts of Industry4.0. project and idea industry.

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Office Space

Access to our incubation park with a co-working space and meeting rooms.


Exclusive discounts

Marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software



In IBM solutions like cloud services or Watson chatbot.


Investors Network

Access to all our EIX Investors Network members (VCs and business angels).




On-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs

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