T Start

La Salle Technova's pre-accelerator program.

Do you have a technology-based idea? Or you just have entrepreneurial concerns? If you want to start your business idea, T Start is where you need to be.

T Start is the pre-accelerator program of La Salle Technova. A two months program focused on the very early stages of a new venture creation, moving from ideas to validated business models.


  1. Validate teams and business ideas

  2. Promote the creation of tech startups 

  3. Find a repeatable and scalable business model for your company, allowing entrepreneurs to build a company with substantially less money and in a shorter amount of time than using traditional methods

Participants' profile

  • People who want to step into entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurial talents or already existing teams

  • No idea, business plan or prototype needed

  • Engagement and motivations to participate in all the program sessions is a must

Your benefits

  • ​Validated business model

  • Clear customer/value proposition

  • High potential market

  • Affordable budget

  • Prescriptor formalized

  • Project ready to pitch

  • Validated teams

  • Market oriented

  • Devoted

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Performing like a team

  • Defined CEO

Hard Facts

All you need to know about T Start

How to apply?
Sessions Schedule

You can apply to the program here:


Duration: 2 months

Implication: 10 sessions (2h) + run interviews

Kick-off Session: Nov 2020

Closing (Pitch Event): Jan 2021

  1. Kick-off session [open session]: Nov 2020

  2. Defining the problem worth solving: TDB

  3. Market and assumptions: TDB

  4. Customer Discovery: TDB

  5. Office hours: TDB

  6. Reaching consumers: TDB

  7. Building the Business: TDB

  8. Office hours: TDB

  9. Brief Prototyping: TDB

  10. Pitch training session: TDB

  11. Closing session [open session]: TDB


The program has a cost of 100€ (VAT exclusive) per team that will be paid at the beginning of the program. If you are an actual student of La Salle Campus Barcelona this amount will be taken as a deposit and will be returned the last day of the program under some conditions*.

*In order to have the right to receive the money back the participant has to be an actual student of La Salle Campus Barcelona and has to attend at least to 8 sessions.


Miquel Subirats
CEO at StockAgile
Josep M. Piqué
President at La Salle Technova
Adrià Leira
Technova Staff
Pol Cardona
Technova Staff
Paulo Revilla
Alexandra Romero
Technova Staff